Best gaming headset under $100 – HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review

Over the past decade or so, the hobby of home gaming has been taken to the next level. The quality of graphics, better gaming platforms, games and even television screens have progressively improved year upon year.

Added to vastly improved hardware is the fact that gaming is no longer restricted to with the people in the room that you have your console set up in. Now, thanks to the advancements in technology, you can play with or against other gamers from every part of the world.

This is all bodes well for gamers of the present and the future. However, there is one major pitfall that comes with gaming. That is the amount of money that can be very easily be spent, and sometimes wasted, on the various forms of hardware and software that go hand-in-hand with the gaming experience. This is where being a clever gamer comes into play.

This review is all about what I believe to be the best gaming headset for under $100. If you can afford brand new games you should be able to afford a sub-hundred dollar headset!

Introducing the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

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HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

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The headset that I have chosen is the HyperX Cloud and below you see the reasons why I think it is superb value for money.

The thing that makes this headset really stand out from the crowd is that fact that it is backed by all the elite gaming organizations around the world. It is actually the official headset of some top professional companies like Intel Extreme Masters, Team Liquid, Alliance Gaming, and SK-Gaming.

Available in either a sleek looking black design or a smooth white one, each Cloud is accompanied by such accessories as an airplane adapter, leather and velour ear cushions, and a travel mesh bag for when you are on the move.

High Quality Sound Comes Standard!

Being HiFi capable, the Cloud headset delivers a surreal audio experience with clear low, mid and high tones. The HyperX also features enhanced bass-production capabilities for those extra loud moments.

HyperX Detachable Microphone

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The 53 mm drivers of this headset help to supply top level audio performance whether you are using them for gaming or for work.

HyperX headphones are fitted with a detachable premium microphone for when you are online and want to converse with other gamers. This mic has a thinner mic windshield that can easily be plugged in when gaming, or unplugged when not needed.

Premium Level Comfort

Unmatched comfort is supplied in the HyperX Cloud via the super-soft padded headband, luxury memory foam ear cushions, and leatherette-padded cups. The ear cups are also interchangeable in terms of sound profiles and texture options.

All these features combine to supply a great gaming experience and are also very suited for long gaming sessions.

Recap of the HyperX Cloud Top FeaturesHyperx Cloud Included Features

-Comes highly recommended by all of the world’s leading gaming organizations

-Lightweight design results in a super comfortable headset w/ leatherette memory foam ear cups and an extra set of velour cups

-Communication is made easy w/ the over-the-ear headphone that possesses noise isolating ear cups and a detachable microphone

-53 mm HiFi capable drivers w/ 15-25 kHz frequency response supply high quality sound directly to your ears

-The braided cables are of a tangle free design and feature inline volume and mic-mute controls for quick change-up

-Fully compatible w/ PS4, PC, iPhone, Xbox One, and MAC

-Comes w/ a two year warranty

-Fully certified by TeamSpeak

HyperX Cloud Review Conclusion

In terms of value for money, you cannot go wrong with the HyperX Cloud gaming headset. It delivers everything that you would want in a headset in terms of sound quality and comfort of wear. There are more expensive headsets out there that supply a wider range of features and attributes, however, in my experience, a huge amount of these add-ons are pretty pointless and are only incorporated into the product so that the manufacturers can drive up the price.

This is what makes the HyperX Cloud so special – it delivers everything that you need in a gaming headset and all at a very affordable price. Available in both black and white designs, this headset is perfect for any gaming needs. Thank you for reading; I hope that you found it informative.

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