DXRacer Gaming Chair Review of Their Top 3 Chairs

Are you looking for something to take you gaming experience to the next level? Something that enhances your comfort level and overall enjoyment during your gaming sessions? Then I may just have exactly what you are looking for, my friend.

I am huge gaming fan, and if I’m not gaming then I am working online via my laptop. This means that I spent a huge amount of my days sitting down. It cannot be helped – my work centers around me being online and my biggest hobby is playing video games!

So, as you can imagine, a huge factor of my daily routine is deciding what it is I’m going to sit on. As you may well know yourself, sitting on a rubbish chair or, God forbid, the ground, while you are engrossed in a video game is a sure way to ruin your back.

If you spend an hour or three gaming or online and have a sore back or stiff legs when you get up then it’s a safe bet that you were sitting on an inadequate chair!

I spent time deciding on a chair that was going to ensure I didn’t have chronic back problems in the future. The first thing I did was to identify what a top quality office gaming chair should provide.

Well, to begin with, it needs to be ergonomically efficient but also comfortable – there is little point in a chair being healthy for your body if it is a nightmare to sit on.

What should I look for in the best gaming chair?

dxracer pc gaming chair

The chair has to be comfortable, flexible, and durable to manage the many hours that it will inevitably be used for.  It HAS to be made from quality materials.

It also has to have functions that are vital for a gamer and computer enthusiast – in essence a comfortable and adjustable armrest and headrest, and possibly a spacious footrest as well, if you’re interested in that feature.

After doing some pretty exhaustive research I found that the best brand of computer chair that offers a variety of gaming chairs was made by a company called DXRacer.

The great thing about this company is that they have a chair for every type of person. Whether you are just an out and out gamer, or someone who lives and breathes online via social media, or else someone like me who works and plays via their consoles and laptop, DXRacer has a chair that suits.

Below are what I believe to be the top three DX Racer chair options available today (and therefore the best computer/gaming chairs available pretty much anywhere):

So what DXRacer Gaming Chair should I choose?

Here are three different models that I chose to cover in this article. The three represent a top of the line, a mid-level, and an entry level gaming chair.

1. DX Racer OH/MX0/NW

DX Racer OH/MX0/NW gaming chair

Check Here for Amazon Current Price and Rating

This is the best of the best when it comes to a computer/gaming chair….and the price reflects this! Though in saying that, as with everything, if you want the best than you’re going to have to pay top dollar.

Standout features include:

  • Perfect combo of comfort and sport looks
  • The seating surface measures at 20.5” x 20.5” to give a wider and deeper area
  • Features a premium head pillow and lumbar cushion for further comfort
  • The 5-point base on the bottom is constructed of aluminum so you know it will last the test of time
  • Ergonomically correct design
  • Constructed from race car seat breathable material
  • Your neck and spine are given extra support by the high backrest
  • Flexibility is paramount in computer/gaming chairs and this one has a 180 degree adjustment
  • The specially designed armrests are super soft and feature 8 levels of adjustment

2. DX Racer RF0/NW

DXRacer RF0/NW gaming chair



Find out what the current price is on Amazon!

Quite a bit cheaper than the leading one mentioned above but is still feature packed. A key feature of this chair is that it possesses a taller, wider backrest which makes it ideal for those of us who are slightly larger than average in physical dimensions. This gaming chair also has all 5 out of 5 star reviews on Amazon. See the trend?!?

Standout features include:

  • Constructed from high-density cold cure foam filling which ensures that this chair remains comfortable even if used for 8+ hours
  • The tubular steel frame and metal star base results in a durable and safe chair
    Armrests possess 8 unique positions
  • Incorporates a tilt-mechanism which allows angling all the way back up to 180 degrees for maximum comfort
  • The footrest is of a new design and is made entirely out of a strong nylon material which has proven to be stronger than steel
  • As with all chairs of this nature, this one has been built with ergonomics in mind
    Designed from patent race car seat breathable material for added comfort

3. DX Racer OH/FD01/GN

DXRacer OH/FD01/GN gaming chair



Price on Amazon: $289.00

A lot cheaper than the previously mentioned models due to the fact that is was created for the sole purpose of supplying those people who are seeking affordable luxury. This chair is used by eSports player and their fan. It is often featured by popular teams such as Dignitas, complexity and Fnatic. This chair currently sports a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Not too shabby!

Standout features include:

  • As with the previous model, it features high-density cold cure foam filling which makes the chair ideal for long sittings such as 8+ hours
  • Offers superb stability via the tubular steel frame and a metal star base
  • The integrated headrest, along with the adjustable support cushion, increase greatly the comfort level
  • Features a tilt-mechanism that allow 180 degree flexibility
  • Incorporates an ergonomic design for a healthy, comfortable feel
    The armrest is 90 degree adjustable
  • Also features a heavy duty base which serves as a prime footrest

Final thoughts…

While these are my personal favorite three DX Racer pc gaming chairs, there are whole range of different options that feature slightly different aspects. In terms of the three I just mentioned, you really cannot go wrong with any of them. It all depends how much you are willing to spend and which you believe best suits your need.

If you happen to be as active as me in playing video games and/or being online, then a chair of high quality is absolutely essential. I cannot stress this enough. Trust me, the last thing that you want is a back related injury because you have been sitting on a standard, run of the mill chair for hours upon hours every day. Not clever. So be smart and invest in the best. I hope this DXRacer chair review helped you choose!

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have used one a different DXRacer gaming chair other than what I covered above (or even if you have one of the above). They have so many different models it would be impossible for me to try each one and write a review about each of them.

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