Gaming in the Dark Has Never Been Fancier with a Multicolored Backlit Keyboard

What’s better than playing video games by your lonesome in your room?


Playing games by your lonesome in your room without the lights on.


Video games always held a certain charm when played with nothing but you, the screen (whether it’s a TV screen or a monitor), and the darkness. It allows your senses to fully immerse yourself in the game, especially with horror games, if you have the inclination or courage to play them without the lights, that is. However, playing video games in the dark takes away your ability to see where your fingers are positioned. And this is can be a great disadvantage if you’re playing on a PC because your fingers are obviously not enough to cover all the keys for you to have them in permanent positions similar to a game pad or controller. Even if you had proper keyboard training, it would still prove difficult.


Say hello to the AULA Unicorn Multicolor Wired Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.


Fancy yet simple

The AULA Unicorn Multicolor Wired Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard may look like a fancy keyboard at first glance. But upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that its design is just similar to your regular-variety keyboard. It does not feature any additional keys aside from the basic keys. It doesn’t even look “curvy” or sleek like other keyboards that are primarily tailored for gaming. And that’s exactly where it gets its charm, by being minimalistic and simple. Because of its simple yet elegant design, it does not come with additional size. However, it sheds its simple look once the LED backlights are on.


Turn the lights on!

Once the backlights are on, it takes on a neon-like look, thanks to the six different colors. Each row in the keyboard is represented by a different backlight color. So if you never had any proper keyboard training, you can simply guide your fingers according to colors. Cool, eh? Of course, if you’ve already been a PC gamer for a long time, your fingers probably already know instinctively where the keys are. Nevertheless, it never hurts to have additional guide to the position of the keys. And the multi-coloring is just plain cool to look at compared to keyboards with only one color for a backlight.


The keyboard also has a Sleep Mode, which is automatically triggered when you’ve been idle for 10 minutes. When the keyboard does so, all the LED backlights turn off and a key (any key) is needed to be pressed to go out of Sleep Mode. So, no, you can’t use your keyboard’s backlights as your night lights when you go to bed because of the Sleep Mode. The function is just for aesthetic, though, since the keyboard is wired and does not need to save up on battery.


Made to handle all the punishment

The keyboard’s build is made up of brush aluminum, so it’s built for durability. It’s also equipped with AULA Armor Technology with highly-durable double-shot injection molding keycaps to handle all your rage-induced key presses. So, whether you’re leisurely blowing up cars in Grand Theft Auto V or intensely engaging in Player versus Player (PvP) battles in World of Warcraft – especially with an upcoming tweak to the combat system – this gaming keyboard is built to last. And it’s also water resistant, dust-proof, and static free, in case you’re wondering if it will hold up in more extreme circumstances.


Of course, like with all other keyboards, it’s a different thing when you’re actually trying to hit something (or someone) with it with violent intentions, if you somehow find yourself in such a situation.


Additional functions

While the AULA Unicorn Multicolor Wired Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard does not feature any additional keys to clutter up the design, it has a set of shortcut function keys that can be utilized using the FN key. It isn’t a ground-breaking addition, but it’s nevertheless a welcome one.


If you’re a hardcore or veteran gamer whose hands fly around the keyboard rapidly while playing, chances are you’re familiar with “ghosting”. If not, well, you can consult directly with Microsoft for an explanation. This keyboard has a 100% Anti-Ghosting feature with 104 key roll-over on USB, so you don’t have to worry about it costing you a match because it refused to register a key input that would have dealt the finishing blow or move.


Fit for gaming

If you’re looking for a fancy-looking gaming keyboard that doesn’t feature any additional keys just to make it cooler, then the AULA Unicorn Multicolor Wired Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard might suit you. Its ability to be customized to fit virtually every gaming need is undermined by its 6-color LED backlights, making the keyboard seem just like a gimmicky option. But it does serve its purpose very well and can be relied upon to last for a long time regardless of heavy use.


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