Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse: The Perfect Companion for a 10-Day Grinding Marathon

finalfantasyixRole-playing video games (RPG) are generally considered by most as one of the more boring genres, primarily because they revolve around storytelling, character development, and exploration – gameplay elements that aren’t exactly dripping with action and excitement compared to, let’s say, shooter or fighting games – to engage gamers. The most often cited criticism of RPGs, especially classic turn-based RPGs on consoles, is that they basically require no controller skills since gamers spend more time advancing dialogs or text boxes and combat simply revolves around selecting options from menus.

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All of that changed when role-playing games took their talents online and gave birth to a new sub-genre: Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or commonly known by its acronym MMORPG.


mmorpgMost, if not all, MMORPGs are specifically tailored to be played on a PC due to the very nature of the games being more focused on socializing and interconnectivity. The gameplay of MMORPGs is a stark contrast to its mother genre, ditching storytelling and character development in favor of combat. Combat now comes in real-time and requires you to make extensive use of your mouse, along with keyboard shortcuts. The most distinguishable gameplay element in MMORPGs, one that, again, has taken heat from RPG detractors (you can never please everyone), is grinding. Grinding is a term used to describe when you focus solely on leveling-up and powering-up your character(s) over an extended period of time with no regard for anything else.


That means your mouse is going to get a lot of pounding due to all the non-stop moving and clicking. And the last thing that you’d want is your mouse giving out in the middle of a very critical phase. So, thankfully, there’s a specially-designed mouse that’s meant to accompany you during your grinding days:

Introducing the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse.


A lifespan that lasts more than a week

The G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse, as its name obviously implies, is wireless, which means it automatically frees you from the messy wiring and allows you to comfortably move around your desk without worrying about the wire being pulled out of its socket. People generally point out that wired mice are still better because of one simple thing: It does not need to be constantly recharged. It’s a valid point, but one that is easily countered by the G602’s capability to run for up to 250 hours without needing a full recharge. That’s more than 10 days of battery life! So if you have a week-long layoff and don’t have anything planned other than to beef the crap out of your MMORPG character with some online friends, you can bet your entire supply of Doritos that the G602 will be by your side throughout the ordeal.

g602-gaming-mouse (2)


It’s built to take a beating

But don’t worry about the G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse getting easily worn down from successive grinding marathons: It has long-life buttons that are rated to take a beating of up to 20 million clicks. So don’t be shy about spamming those clicks whenever the situation calls for it. It also features a Performance Mode and an Endurance Mode. The former is geared for an optimum, lag-free experience that’s best suited for gaming. The latter is best utilized when you’re taking a break from all the grinding and simply want to use your mouse for boring stuff, like browsing around the internet. The Performance Mode is made possible by the G602’s reliance on Delta Zero sensor technology, which promotes power-saving and high-accuracy. You can switch between the modes through a simple two-way switch

g602-gaming-mouse (1)

11 reasons to be excited (or lazy)

Another key feature of the G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse is its 11 programmable buttons. This feature allows you to easily customize your gameplay experience and makes your tasks in the game much easier to perform. Of course, assigning too many functions to your mouse might confuse you, unless it’s already second nature to you to constantly press buttons while moving the mouse. But on the bright side, imagine if all the important keyboard shortcuts that you use are programmed to all the mouse buttons? Isn’t it neat to not have to use your other hand and completely rely on your mouse to do all the work? Yes, that also means you can just slouch on your seat with one hand clicking away and the other hand working overtime to feed you with slices of pizza.

g602-gaming-mouse (3)


Can you rely on it during your adventures?

That’s a big and definitive YES. The Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse is not only built to give you the smoothest experience in terms of performance, it’s also built for durability. That combination assures you that the G602 won’t ever let you down whenever you are in the midst of a 10-day grinding marathon. And, really, the ability to be programmed with 11 different functions is downright sweet, especially if you are one of those who prefer to have their gaming experience as hassle-free as possible.


The Logitec G602 currently has over 1500 reviews on Amazon, and has a whopping 4.4/5 Star Rating! The competing products aren’t even close.

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