Best High-End gaming headset – Sennheiser PC 363D Review

Best of the Bestsennheiser-363D

If you are like me, then your gaming is far more than just a hobby. I would class myself as full time gamer and, other than my career and relationships, it is the most important thing in my life. With that said, when it comes to investing in my gaming I have very few qualms with spending the big bucks. Just as a football player wants the best cleats available, or a golfer insists of having the latest and greatest type of golf ball, I too want the best tools for my gaming that money can buy.

One of the key tools that any serious gamer should have in his possession is a top quality gaming headset. Without a headset you only get a portion of the whole gaming experience. If you don’t believe me, and you currently don’t have a headset yourself, then my advice is for you is to go get a lend of one off a friend and play an hour of your favorite game without the headset, and then play an hour with it. You will be shocked with how much the overall experience is improved by incorporating the headset into your gaming.

Below I have reviewed what I believe to be best high-end gaming headset that there is today. I hope that you find the following informative and helpful.

Unbeatable Sound Quality

The PC 363D utilizes the patented Sennheiser Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement technology which works to channel sound directly into your ears. This supplies a top class frequency response. This is combined with the Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound technology to provide a gaming experience that is truly 100% immersive.

A noise-cancelling microphone is also part of this headset’s makeup. This ensures that you receive uninterrupted communication abilities and also automatically mutes any chatter once lifted. The volume control is situated on the right side of the head set for easy control of the volume level. This makes for quick and simple volume adjustments.sennheiser-PC-363D

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Physical Design

This headset features an over-ear design with XXL velvet ear pads that supplies unbeatable comfort whilst you play your favorite game. This is ideal, and badly needed, for those long gaming sessions with your friends.

The overall design of this headset is one of openness. This bulky design means that there is no over-heating for when you are wearing it for hours on end.  In the package you will receive the Sennheiser PC 363D Headset, a USB sound adapter, an audio driver CD, a USB extension cable, and the quick start guide.

Why Choose Sennheiser?

There is a good reason why so many leading musicians and live sound engineers nowadays chose Sennheiser headphones for their work. This reason is because Sennheiser are a worldwide company that are renowned for providing products that are consistently top of the range in terms of sound quality. Every Sennheiser headset has been rigorously tested for quality so that only the best is delivered every time.

Recap of the Important Features

·         Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement technology supplies unmatched sonic accuracy and clarity

·         Uses professional soundscape for optimized acoustic spatial resolution

·         7.1 channel surround provides leads to pinpoint accuracy for even the slightest of sounds

·         The open design means that you remain cool throughout your gaming

·         XXL velvet ear pads with a cushioned headband supply comfort in abundance

·         Any outside noise is extinguished by the professional-grade noise-canceling microphone

·         Raise the boom arm for instant muteness

·         Turn the volume up and down with ease via the control on the right side of the headset

·         USB sound card w/ Dolby Headphone control

·         Long-lasting durability supplied by the braided fabric cable

·         Comes with a 2 year warranty

sennheiser-363D-boxFinal Word

If you are looking for the best of the best in terms of gaming headphones then you will not do any better than the Sennheiser PC 363D. This headphone has been specifically designed for home gamers and 3D gaming fans that are serious about their quality of gaming experience and are seeking a top of the line 7.1 surround headset.

The PC 363D is compatible with any PC whether it is a laptop or desktop. In terms of software, it is compatible with the following – Microsoft Windows XP 32/64bits with Service pack 2 or above, Microsoft Windows Vista 32/64bits, and Microsoft Windows 7 32/64bits.

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