Street Fighter 5 DLC Character Guile Gameplay Details

Street Fighter V Guile

If you were one of those who got disappointed when Street Fighter V’s initial 16 characters didn’t include fan-favorite Guile, then now would be a good time to let go of that disappointment: The dude is now coming to the game as the next DLC character. And, yes, he still comes with his trademark hairstyle.

Check out the video below (courtesy of the official website):

As you can see from the video, Guile still comes with his Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick. The most noticeable in the video is his unusual crouching movement where he is able to move while in a crouch position, kind of like a little kid inching stealthily towards a freshly-baked blueberry pie in the kitchen. Based on the showcase, it looks like Guile is still going to be an all-around character, capable of dishing out damage both on the ground and in the air. The video ends showing Guile in his victory pose wherein he grooms his unshakable hair that is arguably more famous than his Sonic Booms.

The Capcom Unity Blog provides more insight into Guile’s gameplay mechanics. His V-Skill, called the Sonic Blade, helps his Sonic Booms be more durable, allowing him to engage in projectile battles. His V-Trigger, called Solid Puncher, allows him to throw multiple Sonic Booms that differ in speed depending on which attack button is pressed. Guile’s Critical Art, called Sonic Hurricane, has him throw a powered-up Sonic Boom that stays in place to hit the opponent multiple times (the  video shows this towards the end). The Sonic Hurricane becomes even more dangerous when dished out while his V-Trigger is still active, boosting its damage output and range.

Guile, like Alex, will be free to use initially since Capcom’s Zenny Shop is still not up. Once it’s up, however, Guile and all other DLC character will not be playable unless they are purchased with the game’s currency, Fight Money. Each DLC character will cost 100,000 Fight Money. Also seen in the video is the first DLC stage: the Air Force Base. Players can bust their moves in the DLC stage once they hand over 70,000 Fight Money.

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