Rev Up Your Engines in Style with the Thrustmaster VG T150


Whether you like your racing simulation games featuring either four-wheeled or two-wheeled machines, it’s no secret that the games aren’t quite immersive using only a controller or a keyboard for input. Sure, you can enjoy the games by leaning left or right whenever your vehicle makes a turn to feel like you’re really into it, but it just doesn’t feel right controlling a vehicle using only directional buttons (arrow keys or WSAD keys for a keyboard).

Fortunately for car enthusiasts and PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 gamers, the Thrustmaster VG T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is here to give you the REAL racing simulation experience. While it’s primarily marketed for the PS3/PS4, it is also compatible for the PC. Sadly, Xbox 360 & Xbox One gamers aren’t invited to the party.



PlayStation certified

As mentioned, the racing wheel is primarily for the PS3 and PS4. The wheel features the standard buttons found in a PlayStation controller, although the directional buttons differ slightly in design. And while there are no analog sticks to be found – rendered useless by the wheel itself – the shoulder buttons are still integrated, but not in the usual, uh, shoulder positions. And in case you still doubt whether it’s built with Sony’s machines in mind, the PlayStation logo itself is plastered in the middle of the wheel.

The Thrustmaster VG T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is embedded with official software that allows it to be instantly recognized by the PS3 and PS4. And don’t worry about compatibility issues: The system comes with a sliding switch that allows you to toggle between PS3 and PS4 modes to allow for optimum compatibility for each system. So you don’t need to purchase a separate racing wheel if you still own a PS3 and plan to replace it with its big brother soon.


Realistic racing wheel design

Just because it’s just a gaming accessory doesn’t mean it can’t try to look like the real thing. The Thrustmaster VG T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is built in the image of a real car’s driving wheel to add to the authenticity of your experience. It also comes with a large pedal set, complete with a wide rest area for your foot to relax into after all the trouble it went through just to secure your 2nd-place finish. The pedals’ inclination can also be adjusted separately, which allows it to be (sort of) customized. (Unless, of course, you decide to spray-paint the entire gear to REALLY make it personalized.) For people with sweaty hands, you’ll be glad to know that the wheel is rubber-coated, too, to prevent things from getting out of hand, literally.


Unfortunately, though, the racing wheel does not include a traditional shift stick. So, your dream of feeling like the newest member in Dominic Toretto’s crew in the next Fast & Furious movie is out the window. But on the bright side, you can still utilize your racing wheel to go on street races in the Need for Speed reboot, no matter how much of a disappointment the game is.


A truly immersive experience

Now, let’s get to the racing wheel’s inner mechanics.

Thanks to its 1080-degree Force Feedback base featuring Immersion Touch Sense technology, the Thrustmaster VG T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel allows you to also experience the sensations while driving in detail. Of course, not in explicit detail; otherwise, air bags would need to be installed. Whenever your car brakes, bumps into other cars, or loses a tire (or two), the Force Feedback will make you experience the respective sensations. So if you really, REALLY drive recklessly in racing games, it would be in your best interest to start driving as if you’re in the real thing. The Force Feedback effects can take some time to get used to, though, especially if you’re into more rugged games like Rocket League, which just got green-lighted for Xbox-PC cross-platform play.

The wheel’s rotation angle can also be adjusted down to 270 degrees if you only play casual driving games that do not require intense and very sharp turns. And don’t worry about the wheel’s precision: It has an optical reading with 12-bit resolution, which means it will read even small shifts in the wheel. And lastly, the brake pedal features a progressive resistance to make you feel like you are really hitting a real brake pedal instead of a gaming gear.



Drive your way to victory

The Thrustmaster VG T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is a recommended accessory for fans of racing or driving simulation games, capable of making the rubber-burning experience more immersive and engaging. Perhaps the only real drawback (if you’re nitpicking) is the lack of an accompanying traditional shift stick to make you really feel like you’re in a car. If you’re one of those who have been excitedly and patiently waiting for Assetto Corsa to arrive to consoles, there’s no better way to prepare for its arrival than to equip yourself with this racing wheel.

So how much does the VG T150 cost? CLICK HERE to see the latest price (and best price on the internet).

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