Best Gaming Headset Under $50 – Turtle Beach X12 Review

If money isn’t an issue, then you should skip this article and simply go ahead and buy the most expensive, top ranked gaming headset. Easy.

However, if you are looking for the best gaming headset that fits a small budget, then you will want to be a little more thorough and particular in choosing the gaming headset!

If you are like me, and you love your gaming yet don’t have a ton of spare cash to spend on accessories and upgrades, then shopping smart is definitely the way to go.

And if you are like I was not so long ago, you are probably researching affordable gaming headsets. If you are looking for a great deal on a gaming headset that isn’t a pile of junk, then you are in luck!

Introducing the Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset

turtle beach x12 This headset has proven, via sales and reviews, to be the number one choice for gaming fans who are looking to purchase a product that delivers unmatched in-game sound and communication abilities, and all at an extremely affordable price.

Below in my Turtle Beach X12 review I have listed the key features and reasons as to why this particular headset is so popular amongst the gaming world.

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Unrivaled Sound Quality for it’s Price Range

The X12 features massive 50mm speakers that provide superior sound audio quality in the form of crisp highs and rumbling lows. Added to this is the in-line amplifier which gives you 100% control over the game and chat volume levels and also the amount of base being supplied.

This headset also possesses an amplified stereo sound capability that allows for a louder, clearer gaming experience.

Comfort is Key

Turtle beach x12 ear cupsFor most gaming enthusiasts, sessions on their favorite platform can soon turn into gaming marathons. When this happens, it is vital that the tools you are using supply comfort as well as quality. This is exactly what the X12 achieves.

This headset features large, deep-cushioned ear cups for ultimate comfort. The fact that is also very light in weight means that you will hardly even notice you are wearing something atop your head.

Always Improving

A great aspect of this headset is that it has been improved on from its predecessor – the X11. The key improvement that Turtle Beach have made to their newest headset is that addition of the 50mm speakers and adjustable base combine to form a potent mixture of high-grade sound quality as well as full control for the gamer.

The X12 even allows the wearer to hear sound cues that are often missed by TV speakers, such as the sound of enemy footsteps creeping up behind you or the click of a gun being loaded in the near distance. This will result in you having the edge on your gaming rivals!

Other Features

The X12 also possesses separate connections for microphone and line signals which make it a great headset to be used with a PC.

A microphone monitor enables you to hear what exactly you yourself are saying. This may seem like a trivial aspect, but trust me, when you are in the middle of a massive online game and you have the volume and bass pumped up to full in your headset, you want to be sure that you are not saying anything amiss!!

Key BenefitsTurtle X12

• Amplified audio results in a immersive gaming experience
• In-line amplifier results in super quick access to gaming audio controls
• Variable bass boost supplies a sense of depth and realism to the game audio
• Microphone monitor allows you to hear your own words
• USB powered so need for batteries

Recap of the Turtle Beach X12 Review

The Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 gaming headset is perfect for those gamers who want to take their gaming to the next level, but don’t want to spend their life savings in order to do so!

Available in either a black or white design, this headset supplies top class audio quality at a price that is both fair and affordable.

Best Gaming Headset Under $50!

With quality in sound, adjustable bass, and a high overall comfort level, you really cannot go wrong with the X12 Gaming Headset from Turtle Beach.

I chose this headset as my pick for the best headset under $50 because of its features, and above all the price that these features come at. This headset costs WELL UNDER $50. You can buy other headsets that cost a cool bill, but hardly manage to match the feature packed awesomeness of the X12.

So there you have it.

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